High School Class Reunion and Beyond…

Saturday was my high school class reunion. I have to admit that I approached this reunion with some amount of trepidation. I’m not sure why. I’m not the only one who is now 40 years older than when we graduated. We’ve all had our share of life’s joys and sorrows; triumphs and setbacks. But High School leaves this indelible mark on your psyche: jock or geek; brainiac or goof-off; good girl or bad boy. Some of us spend the rest of our lives trying to live-down our high school hijinks and some of us spend the rest our lives trying to relive our glory days (sad to think that some might have actually peaked in high school).

I suppose secretly I was hoping that maybe the captain of the basketball team would be fat and bald and that the homecoming queen would be a hot mess. Turns out that they are still attractive and even more importantly they are nice people. Guys that were jerks in high school seem to have mellowed with age. Girls that were unattainable then are somebody’s grandmother today and still beautiful. Some former classmates have incredible families. Some have had amazing careers. Some have accomplished great things. Some have enjoyed simple pleasures and good lives. It appears that time is the great equalizer.

I was the geeky kid that always forced my way into situations where I didn’t belong (probably still do). My best friend was a popular jock in high school and NEVER stopped being my friend although I probably made it difficult for him at times when I was in full nerd mode (we’re still friends today). The smart kids were my friends in school too, even though I barely managed a C average (maybe they took pity on me). I suppose that I never knew my place. Still don’t.

But the place I’ve found, with my lovely wife, has been the perfect place for me. We’ve built a life together that is full of love, joy and laughter. We’ve celebrated our successes, shouldered our burdens together and been partners through it all.

My class reunion was a lot of fun. I reconnected with people I hadn’t seen in years. We shared a lot of good memories and plenty of laughs. I realized last Saturday that reunions are a reminder that life is precious and time marches on.

Once upon a time a group of individuals shared a special time and place: High School. It was unique to us. For some it might have been angst-ridden; for others it might have been delightful; and for still others it might have been a bore. But it was ours.

We were the Duchesne High School Class of 1973!



3 thoughts on “High School Class Reunion and Beyond…

  1. Well said, Mr. Wilhelm! One of the things I forgot to mention to you the other night is what a great writer you are!! Love your takes on life and how it’s so apparent who much you adore your wife, children and grandchildren. I am one day going to plagiarize your words to describe my husband, child and grandchildren! It has been one amazing life so far, the good, the bad, and even the ugly. I wouldn’t trade any of it!
    Glad you were there and we got to chat – also enjoyed meeting your lovely wife. She’s a keeper just like my hubby, Wayne is.

  2. Dear Denis,
    Thank you so much for your wise words and Oh! so true! I have always enjoyed our reunions and cherish the long life friendships which have occurred over the many years of life. It is so wonderful to talk about old times and to get reaquainted with our classmates. I have had a wonderful life of many blessings and I thank God for them everyday. My family means everything to me and the friendships along the way have only enhanced my existence. Thanks to all who came to our reunion and looking forward to our next reunion.
    God’s Blessings on each and everyone!

    Love and friendship,

    Pat (Cullinan) Leech

  3. As always I so enjoy your blog. What a life it has been and what a night it was. I only regret not getting to talk to everyone. This is why we will not wait another 15 years to have the next reunion. We needed more time the way it was. Thanks for being there and until we see each other again you will have to keep us up to date with your posts and blogs. As I told you Sat night I love your updates and writing. Thanks so much:)

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