Cuidad de Mexico

This year I’ve done quite a bit of work in Mexico City and Cancun.  And this winter we will be manufacturing, shipping and installing wall cases, racks, tables, mannequin platforms and other store fixtures for an additional 160 shops in Mexico.  Retail business is booming in Mexico.  Apparently when drug lords aren’t killing elected officials, one another or the occasional passerby they like to shop – who knew?

In addition to the work in Mexico, in early spring, I have another 120 shops scheduled for Spain. So I need to learn how to speak Spanish soon – well I would like to learn how to speak Spanish soon.  Here is my dilemma: I never got higher than a “C+” in high school Spanish and my current mastery of the language is limited to ordering a beer (una cerveza por favor) or asking for a bathroom (Donde esta el bano?)

Recently I purchased Rosetta Stone® with the hope of learning Spanish quickly.  I am learning but NOT QUICKLY.  Rosetta Stone’s whole premise is that it teaches you to speak a foreign language the way you learned how to speak your native language.  I think I was at least two years old before I could speak English, so I probably won’t be fluent in Espanol by January.

My written Spanish is poor at best and my reading ability is very limited.  But the hardest part is my understanding of native Spanish speakers!  Oh for the love of God -PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

Now I’ve been following Rosetta Stone’s lessons and I guess I’m making some progress but I have a meeting in Mexico City in about three weeks so I guess I’ll just be ordering beers and asking to use the bathroom a lot while I’m down there.

Someone suggested that I watch novelas on Univision® – they’re like soap operas but ‘las mujeres son muy sexy’!  I guess maybe you can teach an old ‘perro’ some new tricks!



2 thoughts on “Spanglish

  1. I’ve been off facebook most of the week and I missed 3 journals from you, all hilarious by the way. Reading each one makes me think “ah, someone who can relate to me”. Good luck with the Spanish lessons. I just spent 2 days with friends and their friends who are all from Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay & Buenos Aires, I just listen for my name.

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