Numb-skulls and Nit-wits

Some days (and too many days) I feel that everyone I deal with has taken complete leave of their senses.  I have a friend who says “you can’t fix stupid” and today I would have agreed with him.  Here’s a run-down:

  • On my drive into the office today a fellow commuter (I had another name for him earlier) decided to change lanes – three lanes without using a signal and nearly causing an accident.  I suppose his cell phone call was occupying his only available brain capacity.
  • A new employee was informed by Human Resources to report to work on Tuesday June 2nd.  He showed up today because it is Tuesday but it’s June 1st.  Way to go HR and new guy! 
  •  My Receiving Manager created mass hysteria (I received calls from no fewer than four people) because some reports were “taking 3 to 4 minutes to print” and “we have over 200 to run”.  Upon further investigation it turns out that the report takes 35 seconds to print and they are not needed until next Tuesday.  In addition, someone else can print them in a fraction of the time at another terminal.
  • I have been asked six times by three different people about my availability for a conference call on Friday – I AM NOT AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY.  Please tell the others!
  • And my personal favorite – someone called me at my desk (direct dial) and asked me if I was in the office today – REALLY???

So feeling superior to all whom I had encountered I decided to close my office door.  And there I sat in my superiority and self-righteousness.  But because I am such a nice person I was able to feel true pity for those lesser souls.  None the less agitated, I decided to try to remember that not everyone is of equal intelligence.

And then it happened – I discovered that I had made a serious error on a sales report!  Trying to clear my head I went to get a cup of coffee only to pour most of a carafe down the front of my pants and all over the floor of the office kitchen.  Thankfully nobody saw it, although I began wondering to myself “who’s stupid now?”

God has a funny way of reminding me that I am not as important as my resume might read.  Because just about the time I have had my fill of numb-skulls and nit-wits is when I realize that I am one, too. 

So please take it easy on us dumb-dumbs.  Sometimes we’re just doing the best we can.



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