Holy Darkness

I’ve been thinking lately about Mother Theresa.  The revelation that Theresa suffered “a dark night” in her spirituality, which lasted for decades, was big news last year.  And the words to this song keep playing in my head. 

Holy darkness, blessed night

Heaven’s answer hidden from our sight

As we await you, O God of silence

We embrace your holy night

How many times have I faced that “dark night”?  How many times have I prayed for God’s strength and felt powerless?  How many times have I faced hardship, disappointment, loss or pain and felt completely alone?  How often have I wondered if God hears my prayers at all?  If Jesus really exists; why does He not answer my pleas? 

I’m challenged by Theresa’s example of embracing God’s “holy night”.  I don’t consider her inability to feel God’s presence in her life as a failure but as an opportunity for each of us to model her faith during our most desperate times.  When we are adrift in our desert of doubt and loneliness, when we question God’s very existence, we can look to Theresa’s example of faith and know that God is with us; even in our darkest hour.

I know that when I can’t pray; when I can’t feel Christ’s presence; I have family and friends that are praying on my behalf.  We are called to be the Body of Christ, to be Christ to one another.  I know that I’m going to continue to struggle through my own “dark night” from time to time.  But I’m trying to remember that I have each of you lighting my way.  So to those of you that pray for me, have prayed for me, or will pray for me – thank you for helping me to embrace His holy night.



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