Autumnal Thoughts

Unlike many people (and it seems as if it’s everyone that I know) I don’t love autumn. I’m not a fan of cold weather. I don’t relish watching leaves fall (they will have to be raked up). I like my coffee without pumpkin spice. And picnics, baseball, swimming pools, and snow cones will have to wait until next year.

In addition, Autumn makes me realize that I am in the autumn of my life. And winter is coming – hard and fast!

As I often do, I try to look for the positive in each situation. Fall colors are beautiful. The “gravy season” brings comfort foods that fill my body and my soul. My favorite sweater wraps me in warmth and familiarity. I enjoy watching my grandson playing soccer. And I look forward to the upcoming holiday season with family and friends gathering to share love and laughter.

I strive to find role models to emulate. Some of my favorite humans are embracing their advanced years with a joy and an energy that belies their age. As I groan about my aches and pains, I remember my older friends (some 20-30 years my senior) who embrace each day with purpose and hopefulness. If they can “keep on keeping on” surely, I can do the same.

I also find Autumn a good time to reminisce. I carry a lot of things in my heart on this journey through life. This time of year, as things slow down and this time of life, as I slow down, it seems an appropriate time to pull out those memories and embrace them. I can use this time to let go of hurt. I can offer and accept forgiveness. I can bask in the joy of love’s presence in my life and honor the lives of those I have loved and lost.

Each flutter of breeze brings another cascade of gold and red and orange leaves flying just outside my window. It’s as if they are waving goodbye. And I suppose they are. Next spring they will be replaced with green buds and leaves will sprout again. Until then I must endure another winter. Another dying. Waiting for the warmth to return.

This can be an opportunity to learn patience and embrace hopefulness. I’m praying for wisdom and the grace to accept it.



God causes the changes of the times and seasons. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who understand. Daniel 2:21

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