I Still Do…

When I was just 19 years old I made a promise to love and honor and cherish my wife until death. That was 42 years ago. I still do.

Wedding DayWe were poor. We were young. We had little idea as to what we were getting ourselves into. The odds-makers were probably calling us a long-shot. I still do.

We came from different backgrounds. We are about as physically dissimilar as two persons could be. We hadn’t finished college. We had no career plans. We disagreed on which side of the sink dishes should be washed and I argued with her about silly things, like which toothpaste was superior – Colgate or Crest. I still do.

In some ways, the changes in our life have been profound – we have 3 children and 5 grandchildren (all beautiful reflections of our love for one another). In other ways, not much has changed – Debbie still usually gets her way (haven’t seen Colgate in our house for 40+ years). Early in our marriage, I thought it was worth “giving in” just to see her smile. I still do.

1-4-17Our journey together has been one of discovery. There have been good times and bad. But one thing is clear – we’re in this together. We have traveled the world and lived abroad. We have survived a couple of career changes. We have buried loved ones; welcomed new family members and made life-long friends. We have cried tears of joy and tears of sorrow. I’ve always believed that my partner and best friend is at my side. I still do.

So we’re a bit mismatched and we’re a long-shot. And we probably made a big mistake getting married so young. We’ve stumbled through life, at times never knowing what was ‘waiting around the bend’, and we’ve made lots of stupid choices. Yet I believe that God meant for us to be together in this crazy, messy, risky, loved-filled, wonderful life. And I still do.






2 thoughts on “I Still Do…

  1. Your comments are spot on! I love how you prioritize the important things in life! Cheers to Debbie and you! Wish you continued joy, happiness, and blessings!

  2. Happy anniversary Denis! You have been throught it all – the good and the bad times. I am very inspired with how you nurture your love for each other that made your marriage strong.

    I like how you said that your journey together has been a discovery. True enough! Relationships are dynamic, but your commitment made you focus more on how you can make things work out together.

    I am 29 and haven’t met the person I would wholeheartedly say “I do”. Your story inspires me.

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