Today I’m counting my blessings.

In 2004 our first granddaughter was born. In 2008 another granddaughter was born. In 2010 a grandson joined our brood. In 2013 our third granddaughter was born. In 2016 our blessings continue! Gwendolyn Elizabeth Wilhelm was born last week. That makes four granddaughters and one grandson in case anyone is keeping score. So we are definitely granddaughtered. And I love these girls (and that boy)!

gwenWhen our first granddaughter was born I didn’t know that one tiny little creature could possess such transformative powers. But she changed my life forever. She made me realize in so many ways that life is worth living and that our world needs more love, especially the kind that little girls bring. Maurice Chevalier sang “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” and I do. I thank God each day for my beautiful granddaughters. They are kind, brave, smart, and loving little girls. Someday they will become women who are kind, brave, smart and loving. And they will make our world a better place. These granddaughters of mine might do great things. These granddaughters of mine might create new inventions, cure diseases, save the environment, create peace in our world, and be remembered throughout all of history as heroines. None of that matters to me because they are already my heroes. Their joy fills my soul.

Gwen is not even two weeks old and she has already carved a hole in my heart that only she can fill. She brings me great hope for our future. She will fulfill dreams that have yet to be dreamed. She will witness things in her life that I cannot even imagine. She is a precious gift from God. I will always be her grandfather and she will always be my granddaughter. We are linked forever. Nothing will ever change that.

I believe that all of my granddaughters (and my grandson) are reminders that God thinks this world is worth carrying on. While I’m holding Gwen in my arms, it’s easy for me to imagine that someday she may be steadying my old hands and helping me walk alongside her. She may be the one who brings this old man comfort in his final days. And I will have one more blessing to count.







One thought on “Granddaughtered

  1. Congratulations Grandpa and Grandma too! Gwen is beautiful! Grandparenting is the BEST! We are so lucky to be a part of of children’s children’s lives.

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