My wife and I got married young – very young. And there were folks back then who thought that our marriage wouldn’t last. They were wrong. We’ve been together for nearly 40 years; through good times and bad. And I expect we will be together forever. And forever is a long, long time…

I sometimes hear people say “nothing lasts forever” but I challenge that statement. Here’s a list of some things that last forever (in no particular order):

  • My life with Debbie
  • God
  • Memories (good and bad ones)
  • Weeds
  • Words (good and bad ones)
  • The way that “home” makes you feel
  • “I Love Lucy” reruns
  • The line at the DMV
  • My to-do list (it just keeps getting longer)
  • Imagination
  • Hope
  • Love

CaptureSo while there is a lot in our world today that is disposable, some things do remain forever. I would like to think that I still have a lot of time left on this Earth but even if I don’t, I believe that a part of me will live on. I can see it in the love that my children and grandchildren share. When you’re young, forever seems like – well forever, but as I get older forever seems achievable. Immortality isn’t about keeping this body alive. Instead it’s about keeping my spirit alive in the memories of those with whom I have been blessed to share this life.

I remind myself daily that my “forever moments” are often little things that seem insignificant at the time but stay with me. A favorite song; a moonlit night; the smell of a garden in bloom; the taste of homemade jam; holding a hand; a kiss on the cheek; a sleepy-eyed smile; a hearty laugh; a warm embrace; a pat on the back; a tear-stained face; a soothing voice – these will last forever.

Dynasties come and go. Civilizations crumble. Empires collapse.

Loves lasts forever.



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