We Fell In Love And There’s No Way Out!

Wedding DayYears ago there was a country song by that name. And while it was a spoof (of sorts) it rang true to us then and it still does today. On January 4, 1975 Deb and I got married. That was 39 years ago! We’ve had good days and bad days but through it all we have remained in love. And we have shared laughter nearly each and every day. Neither of us knew back in 1975 what our lives would become and sometimes (most times actually) it’s still a journey of discovery.

But even in times of heartbreak and uncertainty one thing is clear – we’re in this together. And we have been blessed. We have three beautiful children and four even more beautiful grandchildren. We have traveled the world and lived abroad. We have survived a couple of career changes. We have buried loved ones; welcomed new family members and made life-long friends. We have cried tears of joy and tears of sorrow. So we indeed have fallen into it. Into love. Into life.

It’s been quite an adventure. We’ve witnessed some amazing things. We’ve worked hard; played hard and tried to keep Christ in the center of our lives. Those of you who know us, know that I’m the organizer, the planner, the pusher/puller – always trying to keep things moving; to get us to our destination. Deb is the heart and soul of our family; she’s the care-giver; the nurturer; the “slow down and smell the roses” – always reminding us to savor the journey. We are the proverbial tortoise and hare. Me all “hurry, hurry”; she all “take it easy”. It can be confounding at times but we’ve managed somehow.

As far as the laughter, it has been a constant throughout our marriage. Check out our wedding day photo. Once a friend viewed this picture and asked, “In what kind of church did you two get married?” Her reason for asking? She had never seen a ceremony where the bride knelt down in front of the groom. We both broke up in laughter. Our friend seemed confused and embarrassed by our response. Why the laughter? Because Deb is standing in the photo. She and I just happen to be over a foot different in height!

So yes, as the songs goes, “we fell in love and there’s no way out!”

EnglandBut then again, why would we want out???



2 thoughts on “We Fell In Love And There’s No Way Out!

  1. Beautiful Denis; you two make a darling couple and I feel your love for one another and your family through your words so elegantly written. Love your wedding photo. Debbie is beautiful. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and the many years of marital bliss to come.

  2. Happy Anniversary Denis and Debbie. I know you will enjoy many, many more and what an inspiration you are to others!! 🙂

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