Things I Never Thought I’d Love

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s just the way life unfolds. But lately I find more and more that I love things that I never thought I would. I don’t know whether to be amused or horrified. So I’ll settle somewhere in between; let’s call it light-hearted befuddlement.

Here are some examples:

Brussels sprouts. I still have vivid memories of the gag reflex kicking in just thinking about eating them (not that many years ago). Now I love them – thanks for being such a good cook Deb!

Turner Classic Movies®. As a younger person I used to dread it when my Dad would start talking on and on about some great movie starring William Powell or Buelah Bondi or Spencer Tracy or countless others. Now I am practically addicted to the channel and love all those classic (old) movies.

Snail mail. I love getting cards and real letters in the mail. Years ago I would be dismissive of the letters Deb’s grandmother would send to us, particularly the ones where she would rant about the state of our nation or the (poor) quality of education or the general moral decline of society. What I wouldn’t give to receive a letter from Mimi today – written in long hand with her standard XOXO and the end.

My old gray wool cardigan. I love that sweater. I don’t care if it’s not fashionable or not in great shape. When I wear it I feel completely wrapped in comfort and warmth. I’ve learned to sacrifice style for comfort – unthinkable not too many years ago.

Fingerprints. When my kids were small I was a maniac about trying to keep the house clean and orderly. I’m sure that they’re all emotionally scarred (but seriously, was it too much trouble to wipe their feet and pick up their book bags?). Today when one of the grandkids leaves a fingerprint on a mirror or window, I’m hesitant to clean it. I want to save all those precious prints.  Oh, those sweet little hands!

Some things change. Our appreciation of things can change, too. What remains constant is our need to adapt. Along the way I’m learning to love some new things and embrace some old things, too. I thank God that I’m an ‘old thing’ that someone still finds embraceable.



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