Sunday Mornings

I love Sunday mornings. It’s officially my time to do nothing. We leave for Mass around 10:00 so there are 3 or 4 glorious hours most Sunday mornings with nothing planned. What makes this makes this time so precious is the fact that it is so carefree – no agenda; no schedule; no demands. Just blissful peace and quiet. I don’t like the television on (although occasionally I will turn on some music). Most mornings, I “hit the ground running” but on Sundays I like to  S L O W   D O W N  and breath in the beauty of life. I like to take time to be thankful for my blessings.

Over coffee and a leisurely breakfast we’ll discuss our day (or not) but mainly we just sort of “drink in” the serenity of another Sunday morning. It’s cathartic. When the kids were little I told them that at bedtime or nap time they needed to rest and “recharge their batteries”. I think that’s what Sunday mornings do for me – they recharge my batteries.

It might seem a little silly and perhaps I’m just playing games with my mind but I need my Sunday mornings. I need for the world to be peaceful and still for just a moment. I need the quiet freedom Sunday morning provides. It refreshes my soul and re-energizes me.

Summer Sunday Morning

Of course I know that some folks work on Sundays and not everyone lives a 9 to 5 existence. But I think we all need to find our ‘Sunday morning’ regardless of what time or what day it may really be. Our world is becoming more and more hectic and fast-paced everyday. We all demand constant information and instant gratification. We must be fast; first; and best! So what I’m suggesting is slightly counter-cultural: stop running (for just a moment); stop worrying (if you can); stop achieving (or over-achieving). Just relax. Just take a deep breath and let go of it all. Find your ‘Sunday morning’ wherever and whenever you can. And relish it.

Tomorrow I will be able to “slay dragons” but only if I have my Sunday morning first.



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