Watching Time Fly

My sweet boy!

Deb was holding our grandson Noah the other night and I walked up and asked, “Noah, do want to come to Pawpaw?” He put his little arms out toward me – it was wonderful!

Just over seven months ago he came into this world and now he has two teeth; he’s crawling; he likes to pull his sister’s hair and no one can make him laugh harder than she can; he’s a known earring snatcher; he can pull himself up into a sitting position; his ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ are CLEARLY known; and his personality has already been established – he’s a happy, sweet, curious, boy who is easily distracted AND doesn’t like big noises. (The being easily distracted and disliking big noises might be hereditary).

Lately I’ve been marveling at how much his big sister Anna has grown (okay maybe not in stature but certainly in intellect – besides we like petite in our family!) and everyday she seems to know something new. But Noah’s changes are equally amazing and every day or so he has accomplished a new feat. And their relationship is growing each day as well. From the start Anna made it clear that Noah was HER brother but now he seems to know that she’s HIS, too. Their interactions are something to behold – they already seem to have a special understanding that is uniquely their own.

All this ‘watching the grandkids grow’ business has got me thinking about how “time flies”. It seems like only yesterday that our kids were crawling and playing together and learning new things each day and now they have kids of their own. My Mom would tell you, “the older that you get, the faster time flies”. Wow! And now I know it’s true – I’m watching my life go whirring past at record speed. Part of me wants it to S L O W D O W N and another part of me is excited for the next phase; the next adventure; the next milestone.

Big Sister ~ Little Brother

So what can we do? Well, we can’t do anything about time. But we can do everything about how we spend (or mis-spend) it. I’m going to try (once again) to quiet myself and listen to God. I’m going to continue to exercise and eat right so that I can get down on the floor and play with Noah, Anna, and Charlise AND then hopefully be able to get up off the floor without assistance. I’m going to remind Debbie how much I love her and thank her for loving me, too. I will (try) to take time and be patient with my parents and in-laws (more prayer will be required for that one). I will try to be a better husband, father, brother and friend. I will try to be a better employee, boss and colleague. I will try to be a better citizen. And I will celebrate MY LIFE and whatever time God allows me to have here on this Earth.

In the meantime, I need to learn how to “crawl like an animal; not like a baby, Pawpaw!”. That was a recent request – so I guess I’ll be learning something new everyday, too.


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