Storm Warnings

One of my work associates wishes he was a Meteorologist. He loves to send out weather updates ~ today he issued a ‘Level Orange’ warning via e-mail because it might snow tomorrow or Thursday. His weather predictions are about as accurate as the professionals so I rarely take heed. When I travel (or plan to travel) he is the first to tell me about impending bad weather. I never ask him; he just feels compelled to tell me that I’ll probably be facing some travel challenges due to bad weather. To be fair he is sometimes right but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to cancel my plans because it might rain/snow/storm. I just have to deal with it. I don’t see that I have a choice.

Life is like that. We sometimes get ‘storm warnings’. We’re told that bad things (weather and worse) are headed our way. We often dread the unknown. We’re told to beware of danger; of risk; of certain doom. We’re constantly being reminded to: be safe; buckle up; read the instructions; don’t leave home without it; take as directed; always use protection! These warnings are certainly well-intentioned but I believe that sometimes we need to ignore the warnings. Sometimes we need to just take a chance ~ I’m not advocating reckless behavior but sometimes we need to “stick our neck out”. Sometimes we owe it to ourselves to be a little silly; behave a little unpredictably.

I know people who have overcome incredible hardships and still celebrate life. I myself, start to question if “it’s worth it” after a bad case of the flu. I’m a wimp when it comes to pain and suffering. And I’m completely self-pitying when faced with failure or disappointment. I’m always amazed at folks who manage to deal with overwhelming challenges in their lives and maintain their spirit and sanity. These brave individuals have learned how to weather the storms of life. And they remain undaunted. They ignore the scary predictions. They just bundle-up and face the wind!

I suppose that sometimes we all need learn to laugh in the face of danger; to take a risk or two. So the next time rain is predicted; leave your umbrella at home. Just once, don’t worry about the calories. Stay up too late. Laugh out loud in a library (or a church!). Dance in the rain. Sing in public. And (at least for a while) forget about the ‘storm warnings’.

You know, we can’t really stop the storms of life. We can only change our hearts and minds. God will take of the rest.



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