Mister Magoo

My wife likes to tell the story of the time we stopped at a McDonald’s® for something to drink and I pulled into the drive-thru lane to order.  It was a very hot day AND we were extremely thirsty AND I was undoubtedly fatigued.  As I was sitting there waiting for the ‘electronic voice’ to take my order, Debbie asked, “What are you doing?”  I replied, with some irritation, “I’m waiting for someone to take my order!”  Her response, which registered somewhere between disbelief and sarcasm: “That’s the trash can, Mr. Magoo! – why don’t you pull up to the speaker?”  We have laughed about this many times since.  And when I say ‘we’ what I mean is Debbie and our children.  And friends and family that she has told, etc., etc., etc.  Boy, make one simple mistake…

Not that I need to defend my actions (a simple mistake anyone could have made) but that trash can was shaped kind of like one of those ‘ordering thingies’ and though I am not as blind as Mister Magoo, I may not have been wearing my glasses that day.  Anyway, I guess it’s good sometimes to be the butt of the joke – even if it’s me that’s the butt. 

 You know, it’s healthy to learn to laugh at yourself.  We all know those folks that take themselves WAY too seriously.  We all know that person that gets upset when you question anything they do or say.  I have a friend that ABSOLUTELY MUST be right about everything and can never admit to a mistake.  I always want to say, “but you know… ” Of course, then I would become the friend that must be right about everything. 

It’s enough for me to know THAT I AM RIGHT.  I don’t need to tell everyone or prove it to all the poor misguided nincompoops.  Superiority has its own rewards.

So as I bask in my self-righteousness, you should know that I was just joking around the day that Debbie thought I was trying to give my order to the trash can.  I would never do anything so foolish. 

See you out there, ROAD-HOGS!



5 thoughts on “Mister Magoo

  1. Denis,

    I love your blog–almost as good as a visit with you and Debbie! I had a bit of a shock this evening. I was reading along and there was a Mark Neumann for governor ad on the site, but I knew there was no way that had anything to do with you!

    Keep the stories coming!

    • Kathy, Good to hear from you. Glad you enjoy my ramblings. I have no control over what Google or WordPress chooses to advertise – often the ads are diametrically opposed to my opinions or what I’ve blogged about – sometimes with humorous results. I hope no one thinks that I’m endorsing any of this nonsense!

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