I will always choose blue when color is a choice. I often wear blue clothes. I usually drink from the blue cup. I like blue birds, blue flowers, blue skies, blue seas, and blueberries. I just love blue.

Blue-CrayonAsk my children or grandchildren and they will tell you that blue is my favorite color. And I can’t remember when it wasn’t. I always chose the blue crayon, blue toy, or blue ball cap. Remember blue snow cones?  I even loved those. Being raised a Catholic I recall statues of Our Lady in the classroom and in my home that were always a beautiful shade of blue! As a kid I remember thinking that blue must be good favorite color because it was Mary’s favorite color, too.

My favorite memories are often involved with something blue. The dress Deb wore for our engagement photo 38 years ago was blue. The dress she wore to our son’s wedding last November was blue. And the dress she wore to our daughter’s wedding nine years ago was also blue. I remember the blue outfits and blue blankets that our boys wore when they came home from the hospital as newborns. I remember a blue sailor dress that our daughter wore when she was about two years old.

Blue is my happy color. Blue is my peaceful color. Blue is my color.

I’ve always struggled with idea of “having the blues” or “feeling blue”. Why stigmatize a color that evokes so much beauty; a color that has brought me so much joy?

Perhaps I’m a simple man and loving the color blue is a silly thing but I find comfort in it. And I think that tonight I’ll paint my dreams blue (again).