Why Sisters Love Their Brothers (Hint – maybe because brothers love their sisters, too)

noah annaThere is something special about the love a sister and brother share. It’s not just that they love each other but it’s the way that they love and protect and defend one another. It’s fierce. It’s instinctual. It’s eternal.

Don’t get me wrong: brothers and sisters can fight like cats and dogs. Brothers will relentlessly tease their sisters and sisters will tattle on their brothers. They can be each others’ worst nightmare; bickering; competing; cajoling; taunting; and never letting the other get the upper hand. But UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever attack a sister’s brother or vice versa. That’s when the real fight will ensue. They will close ranks and defend one another to the death. Because, “that’s my brother; that’s my sister”!

bess blakeNo one will come to your aid faster than your sister. No one will defend your honor greater than your brother. Perhaps they’re modeling behavior that they witnessed in their parents’ love for one another. Perhaps it’s raw primal instinct. Or maybe it’s just a shared history. Nobody gets you quite like your sister (or brother). After all, they know all your flaws and still love you. They understand all your fears and still cheer you on. No one can make you feel more foolish than your brother. No one can make you laugh at yourself harder than your sister. They know you in a way on one else ever can or ever will. Good or bad; right or wrong – you belong to one another. And there is no escaping that reality.kay me

But it’s in the quiet moments that this love of sister and brother shine. A tender kiss. A comforting hug. A shared memory. Holding one another up in times of sadness. Crying together over the loss of a parent. Cheering for one another during times of joy. Feeling one another’s pain or experiencing the others’ bliss without a single word. One look. One touch. One heart.

As we grow up (and grow old) our day-to-day experiences with our sisters and brothers changes but often our emotional relationship stays unchanged. In many ways we are still children to one another. We may be still trying to overcome sibling rivalries or settle scores. We may still be harboring resentments and hurt feelings. But on the of best days, at the best of times, we are reminded how much we truly love one another even if we don’t know why. That same emotional attachment makes us keenly aware of how much we will always need the other.deb brettbess ty

I suppose that sisters simply love their brothers because someone has to. And I’m sure that brothers loved their sisters first (but let’s not fight about it).



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